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  3. Config

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    4. Anti-xray
    5. Resource Encryption
    6. Compression Acceleration
    7. PNX with WaterDogPE
    8. Flat World
  4. FAQ

    1. To Newcomers
    2. How to use PNX-CLI
    3. Common Questions
    4. Terra Questions
    5. Spawn-point Questions
    6. Convert Worlds
  5. For Devs

    1. Java

      1. Goto JavaDoc
      2. Mod API

        1. Custom Block
        2. Custom Item
        3. Custom Entity
        4. Custom Enchantment
      3. Entity AI

        1. Behavior
        2. Memory
        3. Sensor
        4. Motion Controller
        5. Navigator
        6. Behavior Group
        7. Work Cycle
    2. JavaScript

      1. setup dev env
      2. Base LLSELib dev
      3. Hello World
      4. Basic knowledge
      5. Event Listener
      6. FAQ
    3. Resources

      1. Event List
      2. IDs(block & item)

To newcomers

This page will answer some of your questions about PNX content and capabilities.

Is PNX open source?

Yes, PNX is completely open source. You can Githubmemory pool To get all the source code.

Is PNX free?

It is completely free for you to download and use PNX to set up mcbe server. The third-party service provider can use PNX for charging services free of charge after clearly informing the service recipient of the content of this page.
Unless otherwise provided by the laws of the people's Republic of China. Except for the contract signed with the development team, members of the development team or a third party that does not violate the open source agreement of the project.

The development team or members of the development team may charge you for providing customized services, customized plugin, relevant information and other value-added services, including but not limited to.

What versions does PNX support?

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition v1.20.10 (Protocol 594)

How about PNX original feature support?

How world does PNX have?

Yes, PNX supports any number of worlds at a single end. You can have multiple primary worlds, lower bound and destination at the same time.
PNX supports the new version of the world with 384 grid height.

Does PNX have lower bound and terminal?

Yes, PNX has lower bound and terminal.

Does PNX have all original block and item?

PNX supports all original block and item of the current MC version, including command block and red stone related block.

Does PNX have red stone?

PNX fully supports the original Redstone, with almost the same Redstone behavior as the original, but slightly different from the original in terms of piston worm and electricity generation.

Does PNX have orders?

PNX fully supports commands and supports Almost all original commands , also supports the registration of custom (true) commands through the plugin.

Does PNX have a command block?

PNX fully supports command block, has the same behavior as the original, can accept the same red stone control as the original, and supports chain and circular command block. The performance of the command block in PNX is better than that of the original and BDS.

Is PNX alive?

PNX has only completed preliminary support for biology. If you want to further biological AI, you can install MobPluginPlugin Make PNX server have biological behavior similar to the original.

Does PNX have addons?

No, PNX does not support addons. On the contrary, PNX provides Java plugin and JS plugin with APIs similar to forge in Java. You can use plugin to accomplish everything addons can do. Moreover, PNX has much more functions and better performance than addons.

PNX has the original world/Terrain?

The default generator of PNX is a high-performance terrain generator imitating 1.14, which is different from the original terrain.

Therefore, PNX also provides other generators:

What is the performance of PNX?

How many people can PNX drive?

It is difficult to answer this question accurately, which is limited by your server hardware and network conditions.

We can provide you with some measured data for reference:

These measured data may not be completely applicable to your server, but we usually give some simple suggestions, which may be helpful to you:

Does PNX support multi-core?

Yes, PNX has good multi-core support and can make full use of multiple server cores. You don't have to pursue high frequency. Properly increasing the number of server cores can greatly improve the performance of the server.

PNX processes terrain generation, biological AI, entity motion and many other places in multi-core parallel processing. However, in order to ensure compatibility with existing plugin and consistency with the original features, not all tasks will be multi-core processing. Even so, the processing speed of PNX single core is faster than that of similar server, such as BDS and pocketmine.

Is PNX performance bad?

JavaReally better than C++Slow?

Many people think that Java is a so-called "interpreted" language, and its performance will be better than that of C++Slow, which makes sense to some extent, but it is not entirely applicable. In many application scenario tests, java17 outperforms C++This is mainly due to the fact that Java can dynamically optimize and compile code into machine code at runtime. We know, C++It compiles the source code into machine code and allows the operating system to run directly. However, this disadvantage is that it does not know what the CPU running the machine code is, what special acceleration functions it supports, and so on. Moreover, the compiler does not know where to optimize the memory when the code is running, where to use the CPU in exchange for the CPU performance, where the optimization is not used at all, where to optimize the fastest, and so on.
Java is not the case. We have introduced the world's leading grail instant compiler, which will analyze specific problems when the program is running. It can determine what optimization to perform according to the running status of the server. It can also Compile the machine code that is most suitable for the CPU of the current machine, use the unique acceleration function of the CPU, and try to avoid using the CPU to execute instructions slower than C++Compilers provide more high-performance code, which greatly improves execution speed.

Does language determine performance?

Not exactly. What really determines performance is code quality. PNX is fully open source. We can optimize the code for each scenario and accelerate it through multi-core parallelism, which makes PNX performance higher than some other server.
However, please note that loading too many plugin may seriously reduce performance, because the plugin code quality level is uneven, and we cannot make any guarantee.

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