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Explanation for spawn-points

About player respawn point priority

World respawn points < Player respawn points = Block respawn points (e.g. bed Respawn anchor)

About respawn point data storage

World respawn point data is stored in each world, player respawn points and block respawn points are stored in each player itself

Describe the logic of player respawn selection of respawn points

Briefly explain the logic of all respawn point changes


In previous versions of PNX, the player respawn point was set to be the same as the world respawn point when the player first joined the server, so if you want to use the world respawn point, you may need to use the /clearspawnpoint command to clear all players' player respawn points for it to take effect

Why this design?

You may wonder? It feels very dull to design it this way, and it is. But for legacy reasons, it's the best we can do to ensure plugin compatibility.

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