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Anti-xray is a built-in anti-cheat function in PowerNukkitX, which can prevent player from penetrating ore block to the ground through X-ray, commonly known as fake ores.
The anti-xray of PowerNukkitX in uses multicore parallel obfuscation algorithm, which can effectively prevent player from cheating in perspective without causing excessive performance overhead to your server.

How to enable anti-xray

In nukkit.yml server configuration file, find the configuration item of anti-xray and set the sub item enabled to true. If it does not exist, manually add the sub item. If anti-xray configuration item also does not exist. Please add the following content to a new line at the end of the configuration file:

    enabled: true
    level: low
    pre-deobfuscate: true

Please remember to modify world-name to the real name of your world. The default world name is world.

If you have multiple worlds, you can configure anti mining options for them separately:

  world: # Default overworld
    enabled: true
    level: low
    pre-deobfuscate: true
  nether: # Default nether
    enabled: true
    level: middle
    pre-deobfuscate: true
  the_end: # Default end
    enabled: true
    level: high
    pre-deobfuscate: false

Configuration explanation

Configuration Item explain Optional
enabled Whether anti-xray is enabled true/false
level The higher the anti-xray level, the more fake ores low/middle/high
pre-deobfuscate Whether to deobfuscate fake mines around player in advance true/false

Reverse permeability grade

There are three grades of anti-xray:low, middle and high.

The higher the level, the more fake ores, and the more difficult it is for player to distinguish real ores from a pile of fake ores.







Pre-deobfuscate fake ores

The fake ores of PNX are all virtual ores. Each time they enter the server, the location of fake ores is different, and each player sees a different location of fake ores.

Fake ore will not generate a surface that can be directly seen by players, so players cannot see fake ores under normal circumstances.
However, when the server network connection is poor, if the player destroys the block quickly, he will see the fake ore flash on the screen, which will affect the game experience. Therefore, we can pre deobfuscate the fake ores around player by enabling the function of pre-eliminating fake ores, so that player will not see the fake ores flash on the screen.

Please note that this function will cause greater pressure on the network, so it is strongly recommended using this function with hardware accelerated compression and higher compression ratio.

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