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  1. PowerNukkitX
  2. Get Started
  3. Config

    1. server.properties
    2. nukkit.yml
    3. pnx-cli-config.ini
    4. Anti-xray
    5. Resource Encryption
    6. Compression Acceleration
    7. PNX with WaterDogPE
    8. Flat World
  4. FAQ

    1. To Newcomers
    2. How to use PNX-CLI
    3. Common Questions
    4. Terra Questions
    5. Spawn-point Questions
    6. Convert Worlds
  5. For Devs

    1. Java

      1. Goto JavaDoc
      2. Mod API

        1. Custom Block
        2. Custom Item
        3. Custom Entity
        4. Custom Enchantment
      3. Entity AI

        1. Behavior
        2. Memory
        3. Sensor
        4. Motion Controller
        5. Navigator
        6. Behavior Group
        7. Work Cycle
    2. JavaScript

      1. setup dev env
      2. Base LLSELib dev
      3. Hello World
      4. Basic knowledge
      5. Event Listener
      6. FAQ
    3. Resources

      1. Event List
      2. IDs(block & item)


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High-performance, more-feature, highly extensible server software

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What is PowerNukkitX?

PowerNukkitX (PNX for short) is a branch version of Nukkit developed and maintained by Chinese Nukkit developers, including the BlocklyNukkit team. We have fixed numerous bugs, improved performance, followed up with timely new version support, support for all new cubes and new items in 1.18, support for the new version of the underworld, and support for the epic terrain generator (Terra). With these big changes, PNX still maintains an excellent plugin compatibility, and thousands of plugins in the Nukkit ecosystem still work on PNX. Thanks to the completely open source code, you have no legal risk to use PowerNukkitX in compliance with the open source protocol. Hundreds of thousands of APIs inside can be called at will, you can look deeper into the implementation, develop, debug, inject, intercept through various tools in the JVM ecosystem and its convenience. Because of this, the Nukkit ecosystem is rich and diverse, with hundreds of different plugins to choose from. You can write plugins in any JVM language you like, such as Java, Kotlin, Scala, Python, Javascript, Lua ......

Why we developed PNX?

The most direct reason is this: only when the core is strong, the ecology can be strong.
We can say in no uncertain terms that after de-weighting, the Nukkit ecology is one of the ecologies with the most works in the bedrock version, and one of the circles with the highest technical power in the bedrock version. However, Nukkit core was bought by CubeCraft to develop Geyser after the development team After the project, the development intensity dropped sharply, and as many foreign developers entered the JE circle and the domestic BDS circle gradually strengthened its centripetal force, the Nukkit core gradually stopped being able to keep up with the pace of development of the be community. As a practitioner of the spirit of free and open source, the As the main force of the Nukkit ecology, we need to take over the task of the Nukkit system server-side development and continue the chapter of the national core development forgotten by EaseCation.


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