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  1. PowerNukkitX
  2. Get Started
  3. Config

    1. server.properties
    2. nukkit.yml
    3. pnx-cli-config.ini
    4. Anti-xray
    5. Resource Encryption
    6. Compression Acceleration
    7. PNX with WaterDogPE
    8. Flat World
  4. FAQ

    1. To Newcomers
    2. How to use PNX-CLI
    3. Common Questions
    4. Terra Questions
    5. Spawn-point Questions
    6. Convert Worlds
  5. For Devs

    1. Java

      1. Goto JavaDoc
      2. Mod API

        1. Custom Block
        2. Custom Item
        3. Custom Entity
        4. Custom Enchantment
      3. Entity AI

        1. Behavior
        2. Memory
        3. Sensor
        4. Motion Controller
        5. Navigator
        6. Behavior Group
        7. Work Cycle
    2. JavaScript

      1. setup dev env
      2. Base LLSELib dev
      3. Hello World
      4. Basic knowledge
      5. Event Listener
      6. FAQ
    3. Resources

      1. Event List
      2. IDs(block & item)


This is the config file of PNX-CLI. If you do not use PNX-CLI to start, this file is useless.


This file may not exist.
If this file does not exist, PNX-CLI can still work well. You can still manually create it under the PNX-CLI peer directory for configuration.



true/false, whether PNX-CLI debugging mode enables. The default value is false.


The language you use. The optional values are:


If you set this item, PNX-CLI will ignore the arguments from the command line and use the arguments in this item.

E.g. start -g (any other arguments is ok)


The name of the JVM you preferred, default to GraalVM.


Customize the JVM path.
If PNX-CLI does not automatically search your JVM path, you can manually add the path of the java executable file.
Multiple paths are separated by platform separators, ; on Windows and : on Linux.

The default search path is the java folder under the current working directory and PATH in the environment variable.


The maximum memory used by the PNX server. The syntax is the same as the -Xmx parameter of the JVM.
The default value is the maximum memory currently available.

E.g. 1024m


JVM startup parameters, with the same syntax as the --add-opens parameter of the JVM, expose the unopened modules to PNX, and separate multiple module names with spaces.

E.g. java.base/sun.nio.ch java.base/java.util


The syntax of JVM startup parameters is the same as the -X parameter of JVM. Multiple parameters are separated by spaces.

E.g. prof ms64m


The syntax of JVM startup parameters is the same as the -XX parameter of JVM. Multiple parameters are separated by spaces.

E.g. +UnlockExperimentalVMOptions +UseCGroupMemoryLimitForHeap


HTTP Proxy, configures the network agent used by PNX-CLI to connect to the API server.
The syntax is <host>:<port>

E.g. localhost:1000

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