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    6. Compression Acceleration
    7. PNX with WaterDogPE
    8. Flat World
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    1. Java

      1. Goto JavaDoc
      2. Mod API

        1. Custom Block
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        4. Custom Enchantment
      3. Entity AI

        1. Behavior
        2. Memory
        3. Sensor
        4. Motion Controller
        5. Navigator
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        7. Work Cycle
    2. JavaScript

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      2. Base LLSELib dev
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      4. Basic knowledge
      5. Event Listener
      6. FAQ
    3. Resources

      1. Event List
      2. IDs(block & item)

Nukkit.yml Configuration


Nukkit server setting

language: chs

Nukkit server language

force-language: false

Whether to force the server language (false is turned off and true is turned on)

shutdown-message: "Server closed"

Prompt message to close the server

query-plugins: ture

Whether to allow the plugin of the server to be listed through Query (false is turned off and true is turned on)

deprecated-verbose: true

When the plugin uses an API that is not recommended, a prompt is displayed on the console (false turns off true turns on)

async-workers: auto

Number of threads working asynchronously If set to auto, the server will try to detect the number of cores of the CPU (at least 4)

safe-spawn: true

Teleport players to a safe spawn point when they join the server (Prevent players from spawning underwater or inside blocks.)


Whether to open WaterdogPE compatible, after opening it will be compatible with the use_login_extras configuration item in WaterDog, and at the same time turn off the PNX addon api and login timestamp verify.
The default value is false

download-spark: true

whether to download and enable spark


Network related settings


debugRelated settings


Find the cause of server seizure Replaced by spark in 1.20.0-r3


Map Settings


Block Settings


Block random engraving


Block Builder


The maximum random mark of these entity (currently invalid)


Maximum number of entity (currently invalid)


Player related settings


Command alias


Builder World Settings

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